About Standard Poodles

Oldest of the three Poodle breeds, the Standard is the original from which the Miniature and Toy were developed. Known in Russia and Germany since the early 16th century, the breed is related to the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel. Though its first job was that of a retriever of waterfowl, the versatile Poodle was used in France to scent out truffles, a mushroom-like delicacy. In time, the breed’s sense of fun and high trainability made it popular as a circus dog and by the end of the 18th century, it was said every travelling circus had a performing Poodle act.
Endowed with extreme versatility, the intelligent and quick-to-please Poodle makes an excellent companion.
Activity Level
The Standard Poodle possesses a proud carriage, dignified air and great joie de vivre. Several people have taken the breed back to its roots and used it as a water retriever, competing in trials. The breed needs lots of exercise and is better suited to a house than a highrise.
The Standard Poodle must be over 15 in (38 cm) in height; however, most average 22-26 in (56-66 cm).
The non-shedding coat is dense, harsh and frizzy or curly.
Solid colours can include white, cream, black, blue, silver, red, brown and apricot. The coat may be any solid colour for show purposes, although many poodles have more than one colour. For example, poodles can be ‘Parti’ coloured as black and white, grey and white, apricot and white, red and white. Some poodles have phantom markings, tuxedo markings and so forth.
One of the most extensively groomed breeds, Poodles require a skilled hand to clip and scissor the coat into one of the accepted trims. Regular brushing and combing is an absolute must.

Our Poodles!

Highly Sensitive, Intuitive and Intelligent– our dogs are selected for reliable character and hopefully the potential to become a trained therapy or trauma dog. 

Build – Our dogs are bred for solid build and excellent health. We enhance what nature gives them with high quality food and supplements.

Temperaments – Our dogs have sound character and although temperament is in many ways inherited, extensive socialization assures the best qualities they inherit from their parents are developed from the first day they are born. Our socialization program includes interaction with humans of all ages, and interaction with a variety of other dogs. Good character means these dogs make the best companions with the potential to do more because they enjoy working with and pleasing people.

Poodles or ‘Doodles’?

These 6 dogs (above) are HeatherBee (Heideland) purebred, Standard Poodles with various grooming styles. The marketplace has created an interest in Poodle mixed breed crosses, like GoldenDoodles, LabraDoodles etc.. There are a couple of things driving this trend. The first is that mixed breed dogs are being sold as though as ‘designer dogs’ that somehow offer ‘more’ than a purebred. The specific characteristics people look for in a ‘Doodle’ mostly include wanting a non-shedding, intelligent, trainable pet that looks like a teddy bear & without the “fancy poodle” look. The price charged for these mixed breed dogs can go up to $5000.

One of the sayings circulating on the internet is ‘Why Doodle when you can Poodle?’. Standard Poodles are without question among the most intelligent and trainable dogs available. They are medium to large in size and a wonderful combination of sturdy, athletic, elegant and graceful. The Poodle coat is short and curly and is virtually non-shedding. The come in a variety of colours. Some say this intelligent breed is such a skilled reader of body language and expression, that they often appear telepathic. They are easy to train and housebreak and are extremely social beings.

Although some purebred breeders are hesitant to talk negatively about ‘Doodles’, one standard poodle breeder in Ontario is blunt about his feelings. “If you want the best of a poodle, why don’t you buy a poodle?” said Peter Welsh. 

We encourage anyone who wants a puppy to do extensive research. Doodles, like any dog, can have behavioural and health problems if poorly bred or trained. There are even rescue associations dedicated to the breed because so many end up having very different needs and qualities than the buyer hoped for.

Anybody wanting to buy a dog has to consider why they are buying them and do their own research. That applies to getting a rescue dog, a hybrid or designer dog like a ‘Doodle’, or a purebred. All pets take time, patience and effort.